Abdul shower

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An Abdul shower (also known as a "quick shower of Abdul Karim Qtifan") is a method of showering that lasts more than 45 minutes.


This method of showering (and occuping the bathroom) was invented and used by Abdul Karim Qtifan. The compulsory features of the Abdul's quick shower are:

  • duration of stay in the bathroom more than 45 minutes (the total time for the water being on is typically about ?30 minutes?)
  • a person in the bathroom should listen to music (preferably from his/her iPhone).

The first relevant ocassion when it was observed, was on March, 30, 2015 in the morning[1]. Based on narrative sources[2], it was probably used by A.K.Qtifan before 2015.

Environmental and social impacts

In spite of the lack of hard data about water comsuption, it is clear that Abdul's quick shower takes much more water that the average one. Spending too much time in the bathroom results in the fact that Abdul hardly comes to meetings in time. In the case of sharing the bathroom with other individuals, him blocking the bathroom leads up to the fact that the other persons are hardly keeping their planned schedules also.


  1. SMS sent by Hana Machu at 2015/03/30 9:09 CET "OMG! Morevover, he listens to music! But he said:»Just a quick shower!«
  2. Conversation with Abu Zahra on 2015/04/18